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Why TimberTech’s 4-sided Capping Outperforms the Competition

TimberTech goes the extra mile where the competition falls short. Our deck boards are capped on all four sides, meaning they’re protected from moisture that seeps into the bottom side of the competition’s products.

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Shown: Legacy Decking Board in Tigerwood

Capped on the top

Coated with a premium protective cap featuring colors, textures, and variegations perfect for your home.

Capped in the groove

Coated with a protective cap along every side and curve for maximum board protection.

Capped on the bottom

Coated on the board's bottom side to prevent moisture damage, a step the competition skips.


Capped on all
four sides


Resists stains,
scratches and fading


Resists mold, mildew,
and moisture damage


Texture of real
wood graining

Low Maintenance

No annual sealing
or staining


30-year and limited
lifetime warranties

AZEK is #1 in Design Preference

Your Color

Light and Mid-Tone Browns

These wood-influenced hues support a wide range of color accents. They convey feelings of calm and comfort in a natural palette, and can be rich and saturated or cool and subdued.

Beige and Red

Beige: These calm, relaxing neutrals are most popular in today’s homes and coordinate with a variety of other hues and materials. Red: A traditional Americana color, this family of warm, mineral-based colors pairs with pastels, vivid accents, and traditional tones.


Sophisticated and earthy, gray can tone down or intensify the impact of surrounding colors. These shades create a palette that can homogenize or contrast color, texture, and pattern. These stone and weathered wood influenced colors make a beautifully subtle statement.

Dark Browns

These rustic, refined, and earthy colors provide warmth and reliability in both traditional and contemporary designs. These browns can be the foundation for various color schemes and complement metal finishes. They provide a rich background for gathering and socializing.

Your Collection

Offering a versatile palette from rustic to refined, saturated to subdued, TimberTech® has the perfect look for your family’s favorite new hangout. And because our decking is more durable and long-lasting than traditional wood, you can be confident the color and texture of your deck will last for years of summertime stargazing and backyard barbecues.

Legacy Timeless and Traditional. View Collection Tropical Exotic Wood Graining. View Collection Terrain Earthy and Adaptable. View Collection Classic Composite Beauty and Function. View Collection

That Last

When the decking gets tough, the tough get decking. And it all starts with understanding your options. TimberTech® makes it easy to understand the value of TimberTech versus wood.

ADTG-TimberTech Wood Composite Deck

Wood Composite

TimberTech: ReliaBoard®, TwinFinish®, DockSider Collections

TimberTech’s composite decking is made of plastic and wood fibers, making it more resistant to the elements than traditional wood. Composite boards are splinter-free, and upkeep is low stress; there’s no need to seal or stain your deck for protection annually like with pressure treated wood. A balance of affordability and aesthetics, these practical, low-maintenance decks are a great option.

ADTG-TimberTech Capped Wood Composite Deck

Capped Wood Composite

TimberTech: Legacy, Terrain, Tropical Collections

With the look and feel of real lumber, capped composite decking offers the charm of traditional wood without the hassle of frequent maintenance. TimberTech’s composite core is made of plastic and wood fibers and surrounded with a protective cap on all four sides and every groove. While most manufacturers cut corners and neglect the bottom of the deck board and groove, TimberTech goes the extra mile, making your deck strong enough to resist scratches, stains, and fading. It’s a high-end look with added strength and a competitive price point.


TimberTech products help create a more sustainable world—one piece at a time.

  • Clean Manufacturing
  • Product Development
  • Community Involvement
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